Saturday, 14 September 2013

MAC Style Blush Review | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

I've been reaching for MAC Style blush a lot more recently, It's been giving me a much needed glow with the current weather change. I've not seen many rave about MAC Style in and around the beauty blogosphere, perhaps it may be the negative notion of MAC's Frost Finish blush line which doesn't have the best series of supporters but may I stress that Style is a diamond in the rough.

MAC Style is described as a 'Coral-peach with gold pearl', which I'd more or less agree with however I do feel that this blush may lean slightly pinker/peachier depending on your skin colouring. The shimmer referred to as 'gold pearl' does come through on application and can built accordingly, I wouldn't say that it's overly glittery but gives off a glowy sheen that can't be avoided but is no means offensive (It is a Frost finish guys!). 

Swatched (left), Blended (right)
This blush is quite sheer on application, it took me a few swatches to build up the stripe on my arm - good or bad that may be down to you, for me I find that a pro as I prefer to layer this blush on top on stronger peachier toned blushes (Such as MAC Peaches) where which this blush adds it's coral twist and layers up with its gold sheen for the perfect sheen.

As many of you know I suffer from oily skin and I find that this blush doesn't last very long (4 hours) when applied on its own considering the fact it is quite sheer and takes a lot to build up (perhaps not so much for paler skins, but shimmer may be more apparent) and the shimmer tends to settle in my pores or on top of blemishes - not so good! But when layered, this blush doesn't accentuate any pores and lasts around 5-8 hours, but this varies depending on the intensity of the blush you use underneath.
This blush is similar to that of NARS Orgasm or Sleek Rose Gold with a dark coral and gold shimmer combo However this blush does take a lot of product to build up to this colour so may result in wasted product due to low colour pay off - and shimmer overload! If you don't want to be a shimmer monster, less is more.

Overall, a nice daytime blush for those that require a little extra oomph to boost their complexion. Compliments a variety of skintones, more suited to those of a paler complexion with normal/combination skin. Oily girls can get away with using this - just use a matte blusher underneath! This blush does not break me out.

This blush can be purchased at Selfridges for £17.50