Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

You may have seen me feature this product in one of my many Body Shop Hauls (Mini here) and after a few weeks of testing I finally feel that it's the perfect time for me to review the Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. I've used this on its own, with a flannel and by using a facial wipe prior to use so let's see the verdict...

I'm a girl with oily skin prone to break outs, an oily butter doesn't seem like one of the best products to combine my skin with - but don't be fooled. You receive a sturdy screw cap metal tin with a solid white butter inside.

This butter smells beautiful but not too offensive, so may suit those with more sensitive skins and I find that this butter is able to break down and remove all traces of makeup, such as mascara, matte foundations ect. without irritation! I usually always accidentally end up with product in my eyes, this butter does not cause my eyes to sting nor turn puffy so is absoloutely safe to use when massaging the eye area to get rid of any product - but with eye products I would more than likely always use a wet wipe prior to use just to get rid of any excess.

I've used this butter around 10+ times, as you can see from my pot (above) I have not even hit pan! With clean hands, I scoop up a small amount on my finger and apply to dry skin and massage gently until I feel that all my makeup has loosened. I then wipe away the product with a flannel soaked in warm water to remove the product as I do not need any unnecessary excess oils on my face! My face is then left baby soft and clear of all product, where which I then move on to cleanse my skin with a separate product.

I heavily recommend using a cleanser afterwards, after all this product is only designed to remove makeup it is NOT a substitute to cleanse and refine your skin. Also by not removing this product correctly you may suffer from break outs, I have not yet suffered any irritation or flare ups from using this product as I have always cleansed afterwards.

A gentle, yet effective butter that removes all makeup effectively with a less is more approach!
Can be purchased at The Body Shop for £12 per tin.