Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Dupes? | Beauty UK Shimmer Boxes Review | Chelsea Posts Beauty

How beautiful are these shimmer bricks?! Here I have two Beauty UK Shimmer Boxes in shades Bronze and Rose which in comparison to Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks are very similar in appearance indeed. What is really important for me to note is that Beauty UK's offerings are a very cheap £4.99 whereas Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks are a typical high end price at £32.50! Dupes or not? See what I think...

Side by side each box is identical except differ in colour. They are packaged in a sturdy black compact with a mirror underneath the lid - great for throwing in your bag and travelling! Both boxes are laced with shimmer and feature a highlight shade at the top of the strip which is similar to BB. Beauty UK shimmer boxes contain 12g of product for £4.99 (available at Superdrug) whereas BB's version contain 10.3g product for £32.50 (available at Debenhams). They are very versatile products and the colours can be used together as a blush, individually as eye shadows or for highlight. I must state that they are quite sheer and aren't as pigmented compared to the BB version so you need to pick up extra blush on your brush. I've also tried layering them over matte blushes I own such as layering rose over MAC Blushbaby (reviewed here) which brings the colour alive and gives off a healthy glow.

Shimmer Box in Rose 
Shimmer Box in Bronze

Swatches for Bronze 

Swatches for Rose

As I am quite tanned at the moment the swatches appear quite faint. I would consider Rose better suited to paler skin and bronze for darker skintones as it complements darker skin much better. I've used the shimmer boxes both when I am pale and when tanned, at the moment they suit me much better as a highlight shade and they look beautiful as a brow highlight! As I noted before these boxes do contain shimmer and as for a cheaper brand these surprisingly don't make me look like a disco ball nor really greasy (as I have oily skin). They don't break me out either!

Overall they aren't as pigmented as Bobbi's versions but the substantial difference in price is nothing to argue with, especially if you are new to makeup or want to experiment with shimmer as I know the thought of shimmer on oily/blemish prone skin such as I can be quite daunting! A fab product for the price in my opinion for such an affordable price but of course Bobbi's does come up trumps in comparison.

Do you know any dupes? What do you think? 
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