Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Primark Clothing Haul | Chelsea Posts Beauty Haul

 Primark for me is one of those stores that you always forget exists whilst your out shopping on the highstreet! Some people may consider Primark to be a bit cheap and tacky, but they've recently upped their game and if you shop around you can find some amazing quality purse friendly items!

Today's post features some of the items I purchased from Primark over the weekend...

Luckily for my international readers, Primark clothing and accessories are now available to buy on ASOS * 
*Note - it may take a while for them to update the site with current clothing being sold inside Primark and therefore clothing shown in this post may not be available online yet.

Aztec Crop T-shirt - £8 (Above)
 Aztec Crop T-shirt - £8 (Back)
Perfectly bright and bold for Summer, you can pair this crop top with any plain boring denim jeans/shorts or even leggings.
 Aztec Crop T-shirt - £8 - Button detail featured on the back
 Geometric Print Vest - £5 (Above)
Another bold top that will brighten up any plain outfit.
 Geometric Print Vest - £5 (Back)
As you can see the front of this vest is longer than the back. This can work with denim also, perhaps even under a black/white blazer to make a statement.
 Aztec Print Vest - £4 (Above)
This vest isn't as opaque as the purple one, therefore I suggest layering this vest on top of another plain one or just make sure you wear nude underwear!
 Aztec Print Vest - £4 (Back)
Front and back is full length but is slightly transparent.
 Fluorescent Pink Crochet Vest - £4 (Above)
This does look slightly Barbie-ish, but once worn this looks fab with a tan! To avoid looking tacky I'd wear plain accessories and team this with shorts for daytime.
Fluorescent Pink Crochet Vest - £4 (Back)
As you may be able to see, this vest has an white under garment underneath the pink layer so that you can admire the crochet pattern without it being transparent.
 Floral Maxi Skirt - £10 (Above)
As I am short, this is too long for me to wear on my hips so I bought a size UK 6 and tighten the belt so that I am able to wear this high waisted so it falls perfectly to my feet without me tripping over it!
 Floral Maxi Skirt - £10 (Top, belt)
The belt is included as part of the garment yet can be removed so you can wear a different belt, free belt - not bad!
Floral Maxi Skirt - £10 (Print)
Gorgeous print, I personally wear this with a sheer cream cami top tucked in with sandles to match whatever colour belt I decided to team it with.
 Plastic Toucan Sandles - £3 (Above)
Jelly shoe dupes? These plastic sandles can make your feet a bit sweaty if you're walking long distances, beautiful for the beach though!
 Plastic Toucan Sandles - £3 (Toucan detailing)
Bright coral sandle with toucan bird detailing on each foot.
 Aztec Ballerina Shoes - £8 (Above)
Pretty aztec ballerina shoes with brown tassles that can be worn all year round, they look great with a plain outfit and matching brown bag.
Aztec Ballerina Shoe - £8 (Buckle/tassle detailing)

All of 7 items added up to £44
Relatively cheap, especially if you're from England. Whenever I've worn these items and have been asked, ''Where did you buy that from?'', they never believe that it's from Primark!
Well Primark, these days you have definitely shaved off the 'cheap and tacky' stereotype you once held. Bravo

All items are available at Primark, if you are outside of the UK don't forget to take a browse on ASOS for all of your Primark goodies.

What do you think? If you wish to see how I style these items, including a post and pictures - Let me know!

See the £10 Floral Maxi Skirt Styled here.