Thursday, 25 July 2013

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

MAC Studio Fix Fluid is one of MAC's most popular foundations, it has been tried and tested by many yet continues to be one their best sellers, let's see why...
One factor that attracts many is the amount of shades this foundation comes in, ranging from the palest of skin tones NC/NW15 to the darkest of complexions NC/NW55. I believe that MAC did sell even lighter/darker shades, at the moment these shades aren't available in the UK, however MAC does tend to add extra foundation shades when they do different collections - keep your eyes peeled.

This foundation is available for purchase at any official MAC stockists, such as Selfridges in the UK and retails for £21.50 which is actually considered a cheap price for a high end foundation! I would avoid purchasing this from Ebay despite the 'cost cutting' prices, as 9/10 times they are FAKE and by purchasing a foundation that isn't authentic, who knows what your applying to your face?
'' A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium-buildable 

coverage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15. Comfortable and long-wearing: lasts for

 up to eight hours. Applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily. Contains 

specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look 

that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections. Absorbs and disperses oil. 

Contains special skin-conditioning ingredients. Oil free.''

MAC foundation pump - An extra £4
Unfortunately, MAC Studio Fix Fluid comes as a bottle and you do not get a pump unlike MAC's other foundations. You can purchase a foundation pump from MAC for £4 or if you find this slightly steep considering the price of the foundation itself, take a look around on Ebay perhaps, you may find a cheaper alternative.

This is a glass bottle and is quite heavy for a foundation bottle, this may be fine for popping into your bag for any touch ups during a long day but not for travel where this may be prone to smashing!

Swatched (in daylight)
This foundation does have a thick consistency when applied but its smoother texture allows you to blend this foundation into the skin easily. I suggest using a buffing brush or stippling brush to apply this foundation as paddle brushes take more time to blend this foundation in due to its thickness.

Also, this foundation does have a very odd strong scent. It actually smells like a combination between paint and flowers - odd I know! The scent may seem offensive at first but it does wear away a few minutes after application.
Swatched (with flash)
 Blended (in daylight)
This foundation is in NC15 and I was matched to this by a MAC artist last year before Summer and it matched me perfectly, however I have tanned a lot recently so this foundation does appear to be very light on me at the moment!

If you are considering on purchasing this foundation, please try to get matched to your perfect colour in MAC or if you're unable to reach a MAC counter do some research and find any colour matches to any current foundations you use or find someone that has a similar tone to you and ask which MAC colour they are, so many people order this foundation and do NOT get the right colour for themselves!

MAC NC/NW colourings are confusing, here's an explanation as to what they actually mean...

NC - Neutral Cool, caters for people with yellow/golden undertones (like myself)
With the tendency to have more greener looking veins.

NW - Neutral Warm, caters for people with pink/red undertones
With the tendency to have more bluer looking veins.

This covers excellently, giving me medium-full coverage, hiding any scarring/redness or blemishes I have. I don't suggest layering this foundation as it is very thick, yet if you have any extra areas you need to cover I suggest using some concealer to spot these areas to avoid looking too fake. It dries to a semi-matte finish, meaning that it is matte enough to prevent oily skins looking like an oil slick but does give you a nice, natural glow.

It lasts on my skin for around 6 hours before sliding around slightly, but can be fixed up with powder. If worn for periods of time exceeding 10 hours this can begin to build up around the nose area and can look cakey, just a warning if you suffer from oily skin like I do. Overall it does last a very long time and doesn't require a lot of touching up and does slightly help in reducing the oil build up in my T Zone and cheeks, but they do become oily after a few hours of wear.
Blended (with flash)
As you can see the foundation glows like a lightbulb on my arm! That's not just because this foundation is too light on me, this is because of the SPF15 in the foundation formula which means that it will reflect any light (including camera flashes). I suggest that you do not wear this where you will be exposed to any flashing photography, or atleast get a darker colour for those purposes. I have tried using a darker setting/facial powder on top of this and this tends to do the trick also.

I think that this could be worn on any skin type, but I would lean more towards those with an oily/combination skintype as it is Oil Free and can stick to any dry, flaky areas that may be on the face before application.

Sadly, this foundation did break me out when I wore this continuously or for a very long period of time. Yet when I wear this for the odd occasion, I experience no problems as long as I thoroughly cleanse my skin and remove any excess product from my face.

This is perfect for days or nights where I need extra coverage or for my foundation to last that little while longer, I have tried the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and I would prefer to use that for those purposes.

I heavily suggest you ask a MAC artist to get your perfect match. If you are unsure whether to purchase or not, ask for a sample in store.

Price: 7/10
Amount of product: 7/10
Product Claims: 8/10 
Packaging: 8/10
Texture: 9/10 
Skin Type: Preferably Oily Skin Types
Repurchase: Pass! Bring me the other MAC foundations to try out.