Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Best Moisturiser for Oily Skin | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

 Hey guys! Here is my exciting, yet hopefully helpful post of the Best Moisturisers for Oily Skin, I've featured 3 moisturisers that all range from High, Mid and Low prices

This post is for anyone that suffers from oily/shiny/spot prone skin! (Skin that I unfortunately have) and here are 3 of my favourite moisturisers that I feel tackle my skin problems the most effectively.

 I'm starting with the most expensive moisturiser of the bunch, which is Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. I have tried this moisturiser in both tube and bottle form, the only difference is that the bottle holds more product 150ml, and the tube holds 50ml.

Another difference is the price of the moisturiser, as the tube comes in at £17 and the bottle comes in at a whopping £29.50! May I remind you that there is a 75ml difference and the price is worth it for this magical yellow gel! This moisturiser can be bought at any Clinique stockists.
 Now for the review, I first tried this gel in January as my boyfriend kindly bought me the full size 3 Step System for Skintypes 3,4. The moisturiser definitely stood out to me, it is not heavy at all and does not clog pores or cause any breakouts!

It controls oilyness for atleast 6 hours for me personally, as with all oily skins nomatter what products you use, you will get oily throughout the day. You can use this moisturiser at night or daytime, however this moisturiser does not contain any SPF may I add. 

This is hands down my HG moisturiser, the texture of this gel is so light yet moisturises my skin really well and doesn't sit on the skin as it instantly absorbs once on contact with the skin. Nor does it irritate the skin despite its yellow colour as some may fear, whilst using this moisturiser I have definitely seen a massive improvement in my skins overall texture and appearance as I did have some scarring that has faded thanks to this gel!

I tend to only break out when I've not had enough sleep or that time of month now that this gel moisturises my skin effectively so that my skin doesn't produce excess oil and cause more spots! :) It's a wonder product!

 Next up is the cheapest moisturiser in the trio, don't let its price fool you though as this is a wonderful product for gals on a budget or just curious to try its unusual texture! This does not contain any SPF.

This moisturiser is part of Garniers Moisture Match range and this one is specifically tailored for oily skins. I'd describe it as having a 'whipped' sort of formula, it does present itself to be quite thick when squeeze out of the tube but it definitely does not feel like that, it instantly cools and mattifies when applied and does not feel heavy at all.
I think that the price for this moisturiser is amazing considering how well it works, I got this on offer at Superdrug for £3.99 however I think that the regular price of this is around £7ish, which is surprisingly cheap as you get 50ml (Same amount as the Clinique DDMG tube)

This moisturiser is more tailored to those folk who suffer from shine rather than breakouts, it is an oil free formulation so if you hesitate from purchasing moisturisers that contain oils due to your skins condition then this is perfect for you!

I would say that my skin becomes oily around 3-4 hours after applying this moisturiser, this would also be a great option for oily girls in Winter as it does feel like it delivers slightly more moisture than I would need during a hot climate or moisturising face mask ect!

This product did not break me out, however I did start to develop some white heads around 3 weeks after using this product. Whether it be this or another product, I shall have to investigate! Overall this is a bargain buy!
 Last but not the least, Soap and Glory's Clear Here moisturiser! I purchased this from Boots for around £9 rrp, a fair price for 50ml. One huge disappointment in this product for me was that I did go through this product quite quick compared to when I was using Garniers or Cliniques moisturiser as I tend to use more product to feel like it can provide more moisture.

I did once feel like this was my HG moisturiser as it was the only one I found at that time that would moisturise my skin yet not make me feel greasy, however like I mentioned before I did go through this product quite fast and this can be expensive in the long run as your popping £9 every couple of weeks! Eeek
Despite the downfalls, this moisturiser did not break me out. I do mention this often as I find it very difficult to find products that don't break my skin out, a risky procedure I have to go through when testing huh!

It is quite similar to the Clinique moisturiser in texture as it is a gel formula, it keeps shine at bay and does provide a great base to makeup may I add! But yet again, you may need to apply a lot in order to not feel that 'tight' dry feeling, which may lead to over production of oil!

Due to this reason I do recommend using this in Summer as when I used it in Winter it didn't do enough for me and I suffered from dry flaky skin, something I'd never imagine since I'm an oil slick! This does not contain any SPF.

I hope this helped! If you have any questions about my skincare routine or any of the products listed, please don't hesitate to ask :)

Chelsea x