Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Alyce Paris Dress | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

Today's post is a very special post featuring my Alyce Paris prom dress, I thought that I would feature my dress in a post as I feel that the overall quality, detail and look of the dresses Alyce Paris create are outstandingly beautiful, from head to toe.

Initially, I had never heard of Alyce Paris until I had wondered into the amazing prom/bridal shop that is Broadbents of Middleton, looking for a dress that I needed to have nipped and tucked all in the space of just 3 weeks!

Alyce Paris dresses are sold worldwide, if you are interested in purchasing one of these dresses I HIGHLY recommend that you search for any Alyce Paris stockists in your country, I say this because before I entered the wonderful Broadbents of Middleton (Which is where I purchased my dress), I thought that I was just a general UK size 6/8 (USA size 4/6) ...

Well! As soon as I walked in the wonderful staff already guessed what size dress I would fit, this definitely shocked me as I was told I was a US size 00 / UK size 0 (They were correct!) So please bare this in mind!
 I thought I would start by showing you the bottom of my dress
The bottom of this dress instantly caught my eye, it is slightly fish tail-esque but glides over the legs rather than flaring out at the bottom, with the purple gems/sequins gradually fading out towards the end, very flattering.

The material of the 'tail' is slightly opaque, giving you the ability to show off some leg and your shoes underneath without looking tacky.

The seamstresses did recommend that I choose shoes that did not have any embellishment on as due to the nature of the netted 'tail' this may tear it, so I chose some simple nude Kurt Geiger shoes which I have reviewed here.
Here is the dress hung up
What I love the most about Alyce Paris is that as eye catching that the dress may be, YOU wear the dress and the dress doesn't wear you. They look completely different on every shape and size, meaning that there is a dress shape tailored to you without you even knowing!

This particular dress is very curve hugging and the amazing seamstresses at BBOM nipped and tucked any 'hanging' material so that it fitted my body shape perfectly.

Trust me, it looks better on than hanging up!
 Flashy, flashy!
Alyce Paris are of high quality standard, none of the rhinestones or sequins have tugged, pulled nor fallen off so there are no issues if you have long nails ect. and touch the dress.
The mid-riff
My favourite part of the dress, as you can see there is a clear netting in the middle which allows your stomach to be exposed and look like skin, despite the fact you are covered in beautiful rhinestones and sequins. In the middle the rhinestones and sequins turn silver, which highlight the area and captures the eye.

One of the reasons I chose this dress was due to the fact that I wanted a dress that would flatter my shape (Small, pear shape) yet highlight all of my favourite features. 
This dress is a halterneck, meaning that if you have a smaller chest it gives you the ability to look more 'rounded' and feel more supported as the straps secure behind your neck meaning nothing will fall down!
The front of the dress again
Sewn in cups
The back of the dress features sewn in cups for extra support and to flatter the bust area of the dress.

You can also wear this dress with the extra support of a stick on bra, make sure that you let your seamstress know this so that they can get the perfect fit for you if you need any alterations to the body of the dress like I did.
The back of the dress
The back is very similar to the front in that the lower back is exposed (Like the Mid-riff exposure at the front) but no extra flesh is shown below, also due to it being a halterneck the upper back is also exposed.

The length of this dress was actually too long for me also, so I had the length altered to my height (with heels) and my seamstress asked if I would want a trail, meaning that the back of the dress is longer than the front and trails along the floor when worn. I did have the dress cut in this way and may I add that this did not drown my shape whatsoever and gave extra dimension to the shape of the dress, ultra flattering!

Depending on your shape/size/height, ask your seamstress about the tailoring of your dress to get your perfect fit. Do NOT order from any suspicious websites and ensure that you purchase from an authentic Alyce Paris stockist.

 Here are the official Alyce Paris Images
Like I said, their dresses look completely different on everyone. This beautiful model is a LOT taller than I and is wearing very short heels and does not have the trailing back.
 Here are some images of MY actual dress and me wearing it!

I would recommend Alyce Paris to absolutely everyone and for any occassion!
Their dresses are truly masterpieces and as soon as I tried this dress one I knew that it was the one. I received endless compliments on the day and felt as if I was a celebrity, not even over exaggerating on that point!

The prices of these dresses vary depending on where you live due to shipping fees and alteration fees ect. If you wish to know how much my dress was including all additional fees please ask.

If you wish to know any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me!
Thankyou for reading.