Saturday, 3 August 2013

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream For Oily Skin | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

 Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream is the new addition to Maybelline's BB Cream line, this particular BB Cream is catered for those who suffer from oily/combination skin and have the potential to help those skins that also suffer from spots and blemishes as it contains 2% salicylic acid, whilst protecting the skin from UVA/UVB rays by also containing SPF15.

I've tried a few other BB creams prior to this one, such as No7's Beautiful Skin and Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector (reviewed here) and decided it was time to try Maybelline's offer on a BB cream catering for us gals with oily skins.

This is available to purchase at Boots for £6.99 for a squeeze tube bottle containing 30ml of product. For some reason the shade selection for this BB cream isn't as great as the original and comes in two shades, Light and Medium. If you're darker than NC30 then both of these shades may be too light for you to consider, hopefully they shall bring out more shades in the future!
I've been using this BB cream for a couple of weeks now and this is a great alternative to foundation in the Summertime. This can be best applied using either finger tips for a full natural finish, or a stippling brush to help create slightly more coverage.

For a BB cream this does provide more coverage than I initially expected, it smooths out pores and covers blemishes whilst evening out the skintone. The actual undertone of these creams run slightly pink-neutral, as I have natural yellow/golden undertones I did notice a slight difference when I first began to apply the cream but this does become less noticeable once the cream has set and you have applied blusher, bronzer, powders ect. 
 Swatched; Light (left), Medium (right)
''Skin looks smoother, even and hydrated. For healthy, clearer looking skin today and tomorrow. Oil free and with SPF 15.
Dream Pure BB from Maybelline blurs imperfections of the skin as blemishes, pimples or scars while it softens and moisturizes throughout the day, without any oil or other heavy ingredients.
This BB cream brightens up your skin and enhances and improves while also providing sun protection with SPF 15.''
Blended; Light (left), Medium (right)
 I own both shades in this BB cream, Medium for Summer and Light for when I am paler. At the moment I mix both shades for the perfect colour, I would say that the Light Shade may lean a little dark on the fairest of gals and is for NW15 (Mainly due to pink undertones) - NW/NC20 and Medium is for NW/NC25-30.

The cream does blend in effortlessly, so if you are slightly too dark or light for a particular shade you may get away with it! Try using a darker/lighter powder if this is the case.
Blended with flash; Light (left), Medium (right)
Due to it containing SPF15, any flash photography will result in the ghostly white cast face! This is more suitable for day time use as it looks natural and keeps skin matte, whilst protecting from sun rays.

The BB cream covered any minor blemishes or pore problems with ease, I used a stippling brush to apply the cream and concentrated on the areas I was suffering more redness/blemishes from by applying slightly more product to these areas. 

It has a light-medium buildable coverage. If you do have problem areas this cream is easy to build, without looking cakey, if you prefer to build your base in light layers then this is great for those purposes. However if you just have the odd spot/scar I recommend using concealer to pin point these areas as it will save time and product!

This sets to a semi matte finish, meaning that it mattifies my skin but gives me a slight glow to it without giving me a 'dead' face look. I don't usually like to wear powder and as this claims to mattify oily skin I've decided to go without powder numerous of occasions and this usually holds up pretty well up until 6 hours which is when I begin to see shine.
Around 10 hours after application, without powder/blotting
As you can see my forehead and cheeks are quite shiny here, but isn't too extreme, as I did wear this throughout the day I wasn't too bothered about shine (as it was night time and it had been 10 hours) and I usually switch to a pro long foundation for night time wear, so really this did last a very long time on me.

It didn't slide off my face whatsoever or expose any of my blemishes, when I have been suffering from a really bad skin phase I usually go without makeup (eek) or whenever I've used this on a breakout I would apply this again over my problem areas if need be.

As for the claims, I wouldn't agree with the fact that this feels 'hydrating' and if anything clings to drier patches. For me it doesn't prevent blemishes despite the ingredients and sadly broke me out in white heads and black heads, maybe because of the SPF? I'm not sure! I am quite sensitive to some SPF formulations.

If I don't use this continuously for consecutive days and just use this cream whenever I need appropriate, natural coverage I experience no clogging problems and this fulfils its purpose on those occasions. Perfect for anyone that needs medium, natural coverage and has with oily skin with/without blemishes that isn't sensitive to SPF clogging.