Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Duo Contour and Highlight | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

When I first saw this on Bourjois' instagram I was just like O M G I need to buy this! As a fan of the original Delice de Poudre I was totally keen as soon as I saw the half bronze half highlight offering of this new compact. I bought this as part as a 3 for 2 deal the other week (gotta love em') and it's been really fun to use. Not to mention the tasty whiff of chocolate every time I open it! Here's what I think.

Somehow I have still managed to keep on the plastic film! It makes no difference if you peel it off as I have on my other delice de poudre compact and it has not dried up or changed texture despite owning it for at least a year now. The idea of this compact is fab, if you're like me and you just have to bring some makeup with you despite where or how long your journey is but need to save some extra room this basically merges your bronzer and highlighter into a sleek compact which saves a lot of space and doesn't weigh a lot either. One issue is you can't go into this using a huge brush you'd either have to sorta squish the bristles together (which is actually good when I contour and don't have a clean skinny brush) or use a smaller brush depending on whether you want to highlight or bronze at one certain time.
Bronzer swatch left, highlighter right
 The highlight shade isn't glittery but is shimmery and comes off quite sheer. It doesn't help that I am quite pale at the moment so the highlight does sorta blend in with my skin tone and doesn't really show up on this swatch. However when I am tanned it is noticeable but still, very faintly. For a daytime highlight I really like this but for night time or a stronger highlight I'd either layer on top of a cream highlight e.g benefit high beam or just pass. As for the bronze shade it does seem quite orangey on my skin at the moment but looks nice used sparingly as an all over bronze. As for when I'm tanned I really like it for a bit of a bronze plus to strengthen my contour line. This colour can be built up quite heavily and would look great for night time use! I can spot little flecks of shimmer but I'm not sure if that is down to the highlight shade or whether it is in the actual bronzer. But on the skin no shimmer is present and it is entirely matte.
Delice de poudre shade 51(far left) for comparison
I've included a swatch of the original delice de poudre as I know a lot of people would like to know how the bronze shade compares. As you can see the bronzer in the duo is a lot darker and I would say slightly more matte. The original is more golden and fair but takes a bit more to show up. Nevertheless I love to use the original delice de poudre as an all over bronze and the bronzer in the duo as a contour when I am more tanned up.

Overall Bourjois have yet again impressed me and I love the affordable quality of their products. I think unless you don't already own the original delice de poudre or a highlighter then you don't really need this one but its worth a try! I definitely want my hands on the delice de poudre gold bronzing powder now. Available for 7.99 at Superdrug x