Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB Medium Matte Review | Chelsea Posts Beauty

I think I first heard about Rimmel Sun Shimmer BB in a video by Vivianna Does Makeup quite a while ago when this was first released. She was raving about the Light Matte shade which looked very natural but personally I love a deep dark tan! I usually wear fake tan quite a lot but then I go through phases where I don't wear any whatsoever. During the pale phase I usually always end up missing the tanned look but don't want the commitment of a long lasting tan, hence where this wash off offering from Rimmel walks in! I've reviewed a couple of fake tans but never a wash off version, see what I think below :)

Basically this is one of those 'I want to show my legs today but I need something that will quickly give me a glow' sorta tan. It isn't super dark like St Moriz but definitely adds a little something to spruce up your skin. I picked medium as I always prefer to pick the darker version of any fake tanner but I don't find this tanner unnatural or orange. For reference my natural skin at the moment is around NC15 in MAC terms, pale with yellow undertones. I apply this using gloves and upon initial application it looks like it has a 'pink' undertone but then this settles into the skin and looks more natural. As for the moisturising claims I would agree with them, I would go as far to say it is pretty much feels like a tinted body lotion. It evens out the skin tone and gives a smoother look. One other thing I love is that this product is completely matte with no shimmer.
As you can see from the application to after image the streak where I applied the tan dried quickly and is visible. So you need to work fast with this one! It is easy to blend into the skin but apply as you go along instead of just putting on a big blob of it and hoping for the best. I wouldn't reccommend applying this with bare hands purely because I think it would stain your hands and when you come to wash them if ANY water drips down your arm you'll end up with a big streak! (Speaking from experience!) So use either gloves or a mitt. When you compare the before and after you can see how it just gives my skin a nice glow-y tint. Just don't come into contact with water and it should last you all day/night!

Overall I think this is a great new product from Rimmel and is really inexpensive at £6.99 (available at ASOS) If you've always shun Rimmel's original sunshimmer tan purely because of the shimmer you should definitely check out this matte version. It's matte but still gives a glow to pale looking limbs! I love the overall formula so maybe one day I will venture out and try the shimmer version! Thumbs up from me.

Thanks for reading x