Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Storm Review | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

Despite being a beauty hoarder I only actually own 1 'proper' palette which is the Urban Decay Bamboo palette (I don't even think they sell it anymore!) but this has left me lusting for more palettes! So as quite a newbie to shadow I think this palette is amazing. Anyway, I purchased the Sleek iDivine palette in Storm a couple of weeks ago and I've been using it pretty much every time I've done my makeup - now it's time for a complete review!

As for packaging it is a sturdy matte plastic palette which does tend to get a grubby as you can see. It comes inside a nicely patterned cardboard box which I would of love to of seen printed onto the actual palette itself but never mind! You receive a double ended sponge eye-shadow applicator which slots inside the gap. Personally I find no use for these and tossed it out. Also inside there is a plastic insert with the shade names printed on which I basically lost within a couple of days. Would of much preferred the shade names printed underneath each shadow or onto the bottom of the palette. I purchased it from Superdrug for a reasonable £7.99. I picked up Storm because it was the only one left alongside a brighter palette which from what I remember is called Rio Rio but I knew I would get more wear out of this palette every day compared to a completely bright palette.

Because I misplaced the plastic insert with shade names you'll have to forgive my descriptions of the shadows! You get 12 shadows altogether within the palette. There is mixture of 3 mattes which are the light brown, dark brown and black shade. The rest have shimmer but by no means any chunky glitter particles. Personally I don't mind shimmery shades and I think that the shimmery shadows in this palette are really pretty and flattering. There is quite a variety of colours included too. From golds to pinks to browns to blues and even a green and black shade. The top row of the palette features the softer, lighter shades whereas the bottom offers more dramatic day to night shades which are a lot more pigmented. 

When I wear these shadows I usually prime the lid beforehand with concealer or a cream eyeshadow (as I do not own any actual eyelid primer *writes down on wish list*) and they hold up really well! I don't experience fall out either which is perhaps due to the fact the shimmer within the shadows isn't chunky and they give more of a pearlescent 'sheen' if that makes any sense? I love using the matte brown shades in the crease. For reference I have brown eyes and my skintone can vary from a yellow toned pale NC15ish to post fake tan NC30ish and this flatters either! I've worn every shade in a variety of ways and think they are amazing - you can create zillions of eyeshadow combinations it's insane. I think I need some more palettes in my collection!

Top Row Swatches
I must note how there isn't any primer underneath the swatches and they are lightly swatched by just using my finger. The top row is a lot lighter and more daytime friendly but still very pigmented for a highstreet brand.

Bottom Row Swatches
As for the bottom row - super pigmented! The shimmery shades are definitely the winners in this palette. However I've only ever used the black as an eyeliner and it suited well for this purpose but I don't think it would be so forgiving if you wanted a full on smokey eye using this shade in particular, nevertheless you can achieve a full on smokey eye using any of the others!

Overall I'm super impressed and I can't believe it's only £7.99! As it is literally only the second eye-shadow palette I've ever owned it's left me wanting more. It's so convenient having a variety of colours and textures all in one palette and I am super impressed with how it is only a highstreet brand. I definitely want to have a pop at some of the other Sleek eyeshadow palettes as the value and quality is incredible. Thumbs up from me :)