Friday, 25 July 2014

Benefit Big Easy BB Cream Review | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

I've been using this cream for quite a couple of weeks now and especially so in this increasingly hot British Summer weather. That's right, I said hot British Summer weather all in one. So baring that in mind I've had to switch up my base from a standard foundation medium coverage to a lighter base so avoid make-up meltdown. I last mentioned this product on my purple smokey eyes FOTD in June here and I've only just got around to posting a review on what I think! So here we go...

 As I don't like to dwell on product claims and would rather share the products quality from the results I saw for myself, here are Benefits claims straight from the box!
In standard Benefit fashion this is packaged really beautifully despite the er... cringing name. I have this in shade 4 medium and I believe this is a mid shade and the darkest available is shade 6. This product has fairly neutral undertones. I myself have predominant yellow undertones but this isn't overly beige or pink for me to wear and blends in with my skin. I've got oily skin and I honestly feel like this is the best BB/tinted moisturiser I've tried that caters for this skin type. It sets more on the matte side but looks very natural. I must admit if I've had any dry patches (e.g a blemish drying up) this does emphasise those patches so may not be suitable for those who have dry skin overall. But for oily skin this is fab! It has light-medium coverage and concealer is necessary as with all light bases to cover dark circles or extra blemishes. It lasts quite long on my skin - around 5 hours or so and that's without powder.

Blended above and swatched below
This is just about the perfect shade for my skin at the moment but just a slight bit lighter than a total match. I was surprised how light the shade range is so perhaps those with very dark skin e.g NC40+ may find it difficult to find a suitable shade as it is quite limited. It smooths over my skin very nicely and in terms of oil and shine is one of the best light bases I've tried for keeping that at bay. I've also used this as a primer underneath lighter foundations such as L'oreal True Match and this really does prep the skin well and allows the foundation to provide full coverage.

This is my summer staple base and for extra colour I love to mix this in with my NARS Tinted Moisturiser in St Moriz - this also adds more of a matte finish to the Nars TM and makes it last longer on my skin. Also as it contains the absolute summer essential of a high spf 35 this is ideal for anyone looking for a lighter base that is more suited to those like me who suffer from oily skin! This is available at Benefit for £27.50  

Thanks for reading x