Monday, 19 August 2013

Benefit Brow Zings Dupe | Sleek Eyebrow Kit | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

Here I have what I consider to be a dupe for Benefit's Brow Zings eyebrow kit that retails for £23.50, however for all of my lovely eyebrow concious gals out there I have found an exact dupe in the form of Sleek at just £8.50! I'm no mathematician but I believe that's a whopping saving of £15, not bad huh? I'll give you a heads up that the before and after results are amazing!

Perfect for anyone with sparse or maybe non existent brows, even for those of you who just need that extra definition

I'd actually begin by saying that Sleek already has a one up on Benefit in the sense that Benefit offers 3 shade selections in light, medium and dark whereas the Sleek offering gives you a choice of 4 shades light, dark, extra dark and black. I bet you're wondering where's the medium huh? Well I'm a light brunette and use this kit in Dark, which is what I'd consider to be Medium evidently.

In the Kit (above) you should receive a tiny angled brush and tiny rounded flat brush as well as a pair of tiny tweezers, that pop into the empty spot just under the powder and wax, hence the tiny! Personally, I prefer to use an angled eye-liner brush (MAC 208, Eco tools ect) but the brushes you receive are quite useful when your on the go for touch ups but I'd definitely recommend investing in an angled eye liner brush for precise application.
My Method
If you're suffering from over-plucked or naturally sparse brows this is perfect for you! What I tend to do is apply the wax first to create the overall sort of 'shape' for my brows by filling in huge gaps following my natural arch (feel the top of your brow bone) and and to sort of 'fix' my brows in place. I then use the same brush and pick up some powder to then fill in any sparse areas around the top of the brow and any areas that just need filling in, this also aids to set the wax and keep your brows in place all day.
 I apologise for my ill looking eyes! I've been under the weather at the moment (Yes it's Summer, but its the UK!) but here is my eyebrow before the product, I have applied all my foundation/powder ect. before I use the kit due to the fact that you may smudge your eyebrows (Such as any hairs you've set in place with the wax, not the entire brow!) with any make up brushes afterwards - just a heads up!

They can look as intense or as natural as you want them to be, for a more intense look obviously apply more wax to begin with following your desired shape either by using a stencil or however you like! Apply powder all over the wax to fill in any gaps and make the brow as sharp as possible.
 As you can see my brows appear naturally beautifully filled and are arched according to my natural shape. I am a lover of sports and find that whenever I've used this kit my brows do not budge whatsoever! They fight wind, rain and sweat yet remove instantly with the swipe of a wet wipe.
Sleek Eyebrow Kit swatched in Dark. Wax (left), Powder (right)

 I love this kit and 100% ditched the pencil altogether once I began to use it without looking back. It's quick, simple and looks natural without any tell tale pencil lines or smudges. I've had this kit well over a year and have not hit pan on either the powder or wax and use this everyday! Does not break my eyebrow area out at all.

Amazing product without a doubt, a HG in my eyes. Available to purchase at Sleek.
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