Monday, 15 July 2013

Radley London Review | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

I thought that I'd begin the first of my Fashion posts featuring items that I use regularly! In any season, any day and in any mood - and I still receive compliments! I guess in a way you could call these pieces 'timeless' as they work with anything and everything yet do not go out of style.

Radley London is a brand that has been 'passed down' shall I say, throughout my family as my elder sister and Mum both LOVE Radley products and have truly passed this admiration of Radley onto me!

Today I am showing you 3 pieces that I have which I use most frequently.
 I'm starting with my Medium Circus Dog Canvas Tote bag (Pictured Above)
I purchased this bag for £80 I think, from Radley instore. As far as I am aware Radley do not sell this particular bag any longer (As I bought this 2 years ago) but if you search around I am sure you can find one online - Ebay!

This bag can be found in black or grey (pictured) and has a cute Radley Circus dog pattern on the front and back. A great addition to a plain or neutral outfit (Which is what I normally wear on a day to day basis) as it is a statement bag.
All authentic Radley Items have the dog logo stitched or stamped perfectly onto the item. 

When I visited India for 2 weeks back in 2008 I witnessed a few fake Radley items in 'Genuine Fake' shops, trust me - you will be able to spot a fake a mile away! The overall quality cannot compare and the finest details are very flawed. 
This is inside the main compartment of the bag (Above)
As you can see the bag is very spacious for its Medium size! I have no issues when it comes to throwing in my purse, phone, makeup, bottle of water, brush... you name it - it fits it all in!
 Here is the centre pocket of the bag again with flash
As you can also see the inside of the bag is lined with Holographic Radley Dog logos, so not only is the outside of your bag beautiful - so is the inside! I think this may also be for authenticity purposes, so if you have this bag or one similar that isn't from an official Radley stockist and you do not have this lining - it may be void.

 Here is one of the outer pockets - very spacious also!
 This bag is very different compared to a lot of the bags Radley has to offer, as it is not full leather and the bag itself is made from an 'oilcloth' canvas material. It is waterproof also! The handles and zippers are made from 100% leather.
 This is a very old Radley purse of mine, I included this as it gives you an indication as to how Radley items age (With them being mostly Leather)

This is a gorgeous cream leather purse featuring a light pink Radley dog with dark pink collar chasing a butterfly. This purse was a gift from my Mum. 

Radley purses range from around £19-£75 depending on the size or style.
 **NOTE** The top left corner of the purse was chewed by my dog! and originally looked like the other corner, this is by no means any fault of Radley but that of myself for leaving it unattended :( silly Alfie dog!

The only issue I have with this purse is that obviously with this purse being cream, it does tend to get marked quite easily compared to if you had a darker purse. The Radley name is stamped at the back and features a small back pocket for any coins.
 Sadly you can still see the chewed corner - eek!
This purse has aged well, it hasn't creased that much or expanded which is a good sign.
The buttons are also stamped with 'Radley' to prove authenticity.
 Very Spacious for any notes or reciepts as you can see!
This purse style isn't really for those who carry a lot of change as the pocket doesn't hold very much! Yet it is perfect if you're the opposite and carry more cards and notes as it has 2 divided sections.
 Here is my current purse!
This is a different style to my previous purse, as it is dark brown leather and opens from both the front and back - giving me more space for coins, cards and notes.

I bought this as a well due replacement for my previous purse, which was £45 from Radley.
 This is double buttoned so depending on how full the front compartment is, you can alter where you fasten it to make more space!
This contains 2 card sections, a coin purse and an extra section behind the coin purse (below)
 The coin section has a zip so that you do not lose any coins and is stamped inside with the holographic lining.
 Here is the back of the purse, which is a simple button clasp and 
holds any cards/notes.
I've had this purse for a few years also, with it being dark leather any marks are harder to spot so this will age a lot nicely - more for your money!
 Cards, cards, cards... 
 Here is the note section!
One note section, lined with the Holographic Radley Dogs and keeps your money/receipts safe and secure.

Overall: I will always be a lover of Radley, I also have their umbrellas and full leather bags in my collection but these pictured are my close favourites from Radley and I think that they are a good investment if you are looking for a long term purse or bag or if you are looking to surprise a loved one with a gift!