Saturday, 27 July 2013

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 OOTD Casual Summer Tailoring
As I am literally a few views away from 2000 (All in the space of 2 weeks since I started CGP - thankyou everyone!), I thought I would post my first (Of many in the future) outfit posts.

Today's post is all on how to create a versatile Summer outfit. Perfect for a night out to a restaurant or a daytime garden party, this outfit is cheap and easy to recreate despite its expensive look! This is a great outfit for anyone on a budget.
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The key to this look is pure simplicity, take one stand out piece (e.g Maxi Skirt Above) and then keep the rest of the outfit plain and simple.

 I tucked a sheer, cream cami top from Topshop into a long floral maxi skirt from Primark (Shown in this weeks Primark Haul post) and then finished the outfit with flat form sandles from Asda and a simple necklace piece.

If you already own basic items such as a cami top/vest, belts or other accessories, keep those items and work them with a new stand out skirt or trousers! 

Don't splurge on a full outfit when you already own a whole bunch of shoes/accessories/plain items, wear what you own and let the stand out piece do the talking. This also gives you the chance to spend that little bit extra on a fancy piece without over spending for those on a budget!
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 Outfit Total - £37 (Without Accessories)
Cami Top - £15 Topshop
Maxi Skirt (Belt Included) - £10 Primark
International readers check out ASOS
Flat form sandles - £12 Asda

Accessories Total - £58
Necklace - £2 River Island 
Sunglasses - £14 Topshop
Bag (First Picture) - £42 Topshop

Grand Total - £95
Click the images to enlarge and get the perfect view
 Shoes - Asda £12
Yes really, Asda! For any international readers, Asda is just a food grocery store that has been selling its own branded clothing line 'George at Asda'  (Including G:21 - Teen clothing and Moda - Plus Size clothing) for a couple of years now and it genuinely does sell some gorgeous items - just have a good look around!

These shoes could be worn for either daytime or nightime (I wear them during the day purely because I'm short), if you wanted to make the outfit more tailored to the nightime you could change into wedges or high heels but due to the length of the skirt it is highly unlikely you will see the shoes when you wear the outfit.
Necklace - River Island (Sale) £2
As you can see I've kept the jewellery low key for daytime, wearing a brown pebble stone with small, gold attachments

For night, you could use silver/gold accessories instead. To dress this up I would switch my necklace to a more stand out piece and add my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet to add extra sparkle.
Bag - £42 Topshop
I love to match my bag to whatever accessories I'm wearing, luckily for me I wear a lot of brown accessories and own an extensive brown bag collection! This is actually my new college bag (Cheeky, I know) , by using a larger bag this is more suitable for trips to the beach (or even shopping) as this allows you to throw all your daily summer essentials (SPF, lip balms, brush... anything!). 

The outfit is easily dressed up by downsizing to a clutch bag, so if you're changing your jewellery to that of a glitzier kind, a sparkly clutch bag would be ideal!

I hope you've enjoyed my first style post, I apologise for my awkward poses (Hey, its my first time!). This was targeted towards anyone looking for a casual Summer outfit or anyone on a budget! I would hope to give you all different types of style posts in the future, featuring high, mid and low price tags and various types of outfits for different ocassions and seasons. Keep reading, folks!

Chelsea xxx