Thursday, 11 July 2013

Everything You Need To Know About Lush Lip Balms | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

 Here's my second instalment on my LUSH product posts!
Everyone has a soft spot for Lush, whether it be the smell as you walk past one of their stores, the feel of their shower jellies or a crush on one of the store staff! We all have our moment of pure lushyness... or is that just me?

I've acquired quite the collection of Lush products over the years, especially their lip products! Here I have 5 tins, I think I have every one up to now except the Latte Lip tin and None of your beeswax!
Latte and None of your beeswax, one day you will be MINE

 Here are all 5 of the tins, I've separated them here as 3 are actually lip balms and 2 are lip tints.
Each tin is priced at £5.50 and are available at Lush.
 I'll start by introducing the lip balms, which are quite hit and miss to be honest!

Whipstick (Far Left) 
My favourite of the bunch, due to the fact is smells and tastes divine! Totally agree with the description as its described as ''Yummy chocolate lip balm that fights cracked lips and the munchies all at the same time.'' 
I also think its the easiest to apply as my finger glides across the balm with no problems due to its smooth texture! Despite its brown colour, the colour of this balm is transparent once applied to the lips so don't worry - you won't look as if you've smothered a chocolate bar across your face!

Honey Trap (Centre)
According to the tin, this is suppose to taste and smell like white chocolate and vanilla, right? Mine doesn't! I found this quite peculiar as Lush tends to nail their listed scents right on the head, I was let down by this one as it didn't seem to fit at all! It smells oddly of Sour Cream pringles! Seriously, may be a dodgy batch I'm not sure, however despite this issue the moisturising properties are fab! Much like Whipstick, without the amazing scent.

Lip Service (Far Right)
This is one of Lush's first and original balms, which they've kept up until today as it still remains as one of their best sellers. It doesn't have a scent listed, yet it smells just like any other regular unscented balm (A fresh smell) as this focuses on its moisturising properties!

When I started using this I was a bit confused as the texture felt very hard and it took ages for me to apply! After a long chat about face-masks and Coronation Street, I asked the kind sales assistant about why this was the case and she suggested that I try scraping some of the top layer and rub it in-between my thumb and fore finger to soften it then apply... it worked!

I continued to use this method and also used it with the other balms (hence the crater like dips in each tin - oops) and it did improve application as it warmed up the balm and enabled it to glide more softly on the lips, thus moisturising your dry, chapped lips!

If  you're a bit of an uber hygiene phobe and dislike the whole scrapey scrapey method, I suggest checking out Whipstick or Honey Trap as this isn't really necessary with those particular balms.

 Here are my two lip tints, It Started With a Kiss and Double Choc
**Note; Double Choc is unfortunately now discontinued in the UK**

It Started With a Kiss
As soon as you touch this tint, your finger tip is stained a pinky red shade - just a warning! This sure is one gorgeous stain and I can happily say it definitely lasts on the lips after a few drinks. It also smells amazing, a fruity sweet scent that is much sweeter than Rockstar Soap or Snow Fairy Shower Gel but without the bubblegum! Looks very natural and is a tint that you can use without a balm underneath as it is more or less a 2 in 1, however I do suggest that you ex-foliate your lips beforehand as it will collect on any dry patches.

Double Choc
Is sadly discontinued, I'm not quite sure why but maybe a reformulation may be born so thats why I included this in my post! I would describe it as a nutty brown colour that neutralises the hot redness in my lips and then becomes quite a mauvey red colour instead. Nutty, not just for the colour but the texture of this is quite gritty to be honest! At first I thought it may of been traces of an exfoliator that would then melt when met with the warmth of my lips, nope! Just itty gritty pieces that felt very uncomfortable to wear and apply - a total dud as the colour was fab!

It didn't smell as great as Whipstick but you get more of a dark cocoa scent from this tint.

Swatched Double Choc (Top), It Started With a Kiss (Bottom)

If you're now finding it hard to decide which one to get, definitely try them in-store before purchase if you can as you can only decide the perfect pick for yourself as my chosen pick is Whipstick!

What's your favourite?