Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mini Body Shop Haul | Chelsea Posts Beauty

 I have not been in The Body Shop for absolutely ages until now, I initially went in just to have a smell around the shop but it didn't end that way...

I bought 3 items and also became a Love Your Body, Body Shop Member, receiving a free Almond Conditioning Hand Wash worth £5 and extra benefits that will be useful in time to come!

 Large Body Butter - £13
My boyfriend kindly treated me to two body butters in my favourite scents, Strawberry (top) and Satsuma (bottom). I have used these butters numerous of times and I have not came across any other that can compare!
 Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF30
After rubbing this and the Seaweed Daily Moisturiser SPF15 into my arms for about 10 minutes, my boyfriend grabbed this and came to the final verdict that this was the one (bless his impatient soul).
Review coming soon
Almond Conditioning Hand Wash £5
My freebie gift as I joined Love Your Body.

 Members Card
This is usually £5 to buy but as we spent more than £30 we only had to pay £1.80 and received a free gift. 
You get 10% off every purchase and free gifts on certain stamps, also a £5 Birthday gift.

Not bad!
Reviews coming soon.