Monday, 15 July 2013

Kurt Geiger Carvela Heels | Chelsea Posts Beauty

 As with all Kurt Geiger purchases, you get the infamous red bag with 'Kurt Geiger' printed on either side. When instore you are treated amazingly! They have no hesitation on going straight to you and helping you out, not many stores you can say that about.

All KG shoes are of high quality standard, I would say they fall into the Mid price range category. 
 I purchased some Carvela branded heels, which are some of the higher-end priced items they sell. These shoes were originally £100 but at the store in Manchester they had a friends and family 25% off discount promotion so they cost me £75 instead!

They are still available for purchase at Kurt Geiger.
 I purchased these in European size 37 (UK size 4/US 6
I do have tiny feet, but I am only 5''2 after all!
 I've already taken my shoes out and worn them, however the heels are stuffed and boxed to perfect KG standard to prevent any damage for whatever reason.
 These heels are a gorgeous, simple shiny nude colour and are very versatile as they can be worn with pretty much anything and everything. They are wonderful for casual wear or formal wear, I bought these shoes initially for my prom and they were perfect! 
 The heel height is 12.5cm, this may be high for some but if you're short like me this instantly gives you a boost and lengthens your legs! 
Platform sole
The shoes were a perfect fit, they didn't rub me and were surprisingly comfortable for the first few hours.
Like all high heels, these shoes did become slightly uncomfortable after a lot of dancing and walking up and down steps.

If you're use to wearing heels at a height like these and want a perfect nude pair of heels - these are for you! However if you aren't so confident, I suggest that you do not purchase these shoes and buy a smaller heel, all KG heels come in all styles, sizes and heights so you will find your perfect Cinderella fit at the end!