Thursday, 29 August 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Delivery!

Hey beauties! I've felt as if I've neglected my blog by not posting as much as I should have recently, due to the fact I have been busily job hunting and boyyy has it been an effort. 

After having a quick glance at Benefit's website I discovered that their Full/Silky Finish lipstick lines were on sale for half price! After a quick order on Sunday, today I finally received my delivery which I am excited to share with you all...

 At first I was like huh? Why so cheap! Then after further investigation I found that Benefit are discontinuing their current Eyeshadow, Lipstick and Ultra Shines Lipgloss line offerings in return for a newly packaged bunch ready for purchase in Fall 2013. As far as I'm aware the Creaseless Cream Shadows still remain but are discontinuing some current shades as well as being repackaged, whereas for the other lip offerings they are being totally replaced. Get your favourites quick.
As always, Benefit produces a gorgeous package enclosed with a 10% off my next purchase code - not bad for a first online purchase at Benefit huh?

May I also add that with my purchase I received 2 free samples that I could choose, I tried my best to continuously click the Stay Flawless Primer sample but ultimately they had none left to send! So I picked samples of the Fake Up concealer which I am excited to try and It's Potent! Eye Cream which I have previously tried before (review here)
What Did I Order?
As a quick spare of the moment order I picked Full Finish Lipstick in shade 'Pinking Of You' for £7 and one of my old favourites California Kissin' Gloss for £15. Including It's Potent! and Fake Up samples.

I ordered my items on Sunday with Standard Delivery (taking up to 4-5 working days UK) and received my package today on Thursday with no dissapointments!

Have a quick look at Benefit's Sale now and pick up what you can whilst stocks last!
Swatches and Reviews coming soon