Thursday, 15 August 2013

Benefit B.Right Skincare | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

Here I have more or less the full range of Benefit's B.Right Skincare (minus a mist and spot zapper), I received these products in a miniature 6 piece set for Christmas however this set is still available for purchase at Feel Unique for £12.50. Despite their size, these smaller versions actually last ages, you only need to use the smallest amount possible (great if you buy the full sized versions as they are quite pricey) 

So let's get down to the products...

As a girl with oily skin, I found that these products were quite hit and miss but by no means impossible to use and would highly recommend those with drier skin types to check out more of the range.

The Cleansers

Refined Finish Facial Polish - £18.50 rrp
 It has a creamy texture with small beads that gently exfoliates the skin removing any dead surface cells or flakes, it was not harsh nor did it irritate my skin causing it to produce excess oils or cause blemishes (do be careful if you insist on using this daily). An average scrub in my opinion, a bit expensive for £18.50 when there are similar and cheaper, if not better alternatives out there.

Foamingly Clean Facial Cleanser - £17.50 rrp
I found this cleanser to lather up rather well, it smells fresh and is easy to dispense. However, I didn't feel that this removes make-up well at all nor did I feel that my skin was completely clean from all oils and dirt (I'm an oily skin sufferer). It gave me that 'Looks clean, but doesn't feel clean' sorta feel, as if I'd have to use something else after it - defeating it's purpose. Although despite it's lack in cleansing abilities it did not break me out as a product in itself!

The Pre Moisturiser products

Triple Performing Moisturising Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++ - £20.50 rrp
An oil free product. This quite confused me as it's suggested to use before moisturiser but if anything is a moisturiser, described as an 'oil free lotion' I felt that this was quite heavy on my skin and would not continue on adding my moisturiser afterwards! It has a slightly thick texture, you have to bang the bottom of the bottle to get any out which is quite annoying! I use this sparingly whenever I need light SPF, more suited for dry skins.

Moisture Prep Toning Lotion - £23.50
A light, lovely refreshing toner that I would consider be suited to all skin types. It doesn't clear away excess cleanser or make-up ect. and is best used on a squeaky clean face, this contains vitamin E and botanical extracts to purify and smooth the skin. Supposedly meant to help you reap the extra benefits of your moisturiser, I did not notice these claims nor feel obliged to compared to someone with drier skin. Again, not a necessity but a great extra step for your routine.

Moisture Creams

It's Potent! Eye Cream - £24.50
My favourite product of the bunch, I still use this cream now and literally have half of this tiny tub left! Less is more definitely with this eye cream, be careful upon application as a numerous amount of times I've accidentally got this in my actual eye due to being in a rush, well let me tell you - this stings like hell! Despite this, it doesn't cause any inflammation of the eye area nor does it cause milia. It definitely helps to cool the eye area and reduce puffiness but it does not conceal dark circles, although it does provide a great base for concealer application.

Total Moisture Cream - £27.50
If you have oily skin, I don't recommend this at all. Why you ask? For one it's not marketed towards our skintype, its suggested for normal to dry skin. Two, It's very moisturising indeed and will more than likely break you out or cause you to produce excess oils like it did to me. I can imagine this being a real treat for those with excessively or regular dry skin, for the price of this set you could make this mini pot last a good few months before deciding whether you wish to splurge on £27.50.

Not quite a fan of this skincare line but is best for older/ normal to dry skins, worth a taste for just £12.50 for the set!