Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bobbi Brown Blotting Papers | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

For anyone that suffers from an oily T Zone/complexion and consistently develops a shiny forehead, cheeks, nose and/or chin throughout the day with the hatred of powdering, let me begin by saying I may just have the product tailored to you for an inexpensive price.
I find it really difficult to find any blotting papers/sheets instore here in the UK, perhaps it may just be my area (I doubt, as a city gal) and after a tonne of research I found this offering of papers that I could go and physically pick up without the need to order online which I am impatient to wait for majority of the time!

Considering the fact that this is a Bobbi Brown product, coveted as a fairly high end makeup brand these blotting papers run up fairly cheap at a price of £8.50 for a pack of 100 sheets, for an extra £8.50 you can also recieve a faux leather case to house them in (pictured) - totting up to a total of £17 case and sheets included.

Inside case with mirror and pouch

The case itself is fairly tiny compared to what I was expecting to be honest, it has a large mirror and a pouch containing the papers where which you pull the paper in order for it to be dispensed, with another paper taking its place. As you can see (below) the papers can be creased but this causes no issue for the overall use and effectiveness of the paper.
I rarely use powder mainly due to the fact that it breaks me out and I also wanted a product to minimise shine on my non makeup days, amazingly these sheets do not contain any powders and does not transfer any product onto the skin nor does any products on the skin transfer to the sheet (Keeping your makeup in tact!)

I find that these papers are easy to use, all you do is press the paper against your skin and the oil literally absorbs into the paper that is visibly noticeable. They do not rub or smudge makeup nor do they cause any breakouts, one downfall may I add is that I do have to use more than one sheet per use for extra shiny areas which is quite irritating personally, but the job still gets done and shine is removed!

Overall, not bad considering I've never been able to find a cost effective, easy to use pack of blotting sheets minus any transfer powder. Minimises shine and is worth a try! Great for mid day touch ups or to minimise shine before flash photography.

Faux Leather Case including pack of 100 Sheets - £17
Single pack of 100 Sheets - £8.50
Available at Bobbi Brown

Have you ever tried any blotting sheets? Let me know!