Friday, 9 August 2013

Lush Vanishing Cream Facial Moisturiser | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

I was crazy about Lush's Vanishing Cream last year, to say it all started with me asking for a small pot sample in store this spurred me on to buying the full size pots! For a 45g pot (as featured) this will cost you £17.50 at Lush. I know it seems expensive for the amount you get but you literally only have to use the smallest amount each time. I myself have oily skin with blemishes, I would consider that if you have skin like me or even if you have oily/combination skin you check this out. Drier skins might like Skin Drink instead.

So what's so good about is moisturiser? Well...

''A low fat moisturiser that disappears into the skin

This is a moisturiser for those who want a cream that doesn’t sit on the skin for ages. This cream vanishes completely, leaving nothing behind except beautifully soft skin.''
You receive a sturdy plastic pot with screw top lid, may I remind you that if you return 5 plastic pots (Clean, of course!) you can bring them in-store and exchange them for a fresh face mask of your choice. This isn't really suitable for anyone who is uber concerned on being sanitary when it comes to applying products as you literally have to scoop this moisturiser out to apply, if this is the case you can always buy or use an old pump bottle (something that preferably dispenses creams!) and pour it into that.

The only issue I have with the packaging is that if you don't store the cream the appropriate way facing up this can leak into the sides and whenever you twist open and shut this excess cream can seep out the sides! For travelling purposes pop it into a sandwich bag or wrap it up just in case it leaks.

The Claims
''Making light, low-fat creams can be a tricky business. We have perfected it over the years and for this cream we have used light oils of grapeseed and jojoba. We give that a boost with shea butter, honey and witch hazel - and then the trick is to add a botanical gel of linseed. We make this by boiling linseed in water until they get to that magical stage where they give off mucilage that thickens the water to a clear gel. This gel is amazingly softening on the skin and is wonderful in conjunction with the oils in this cream.
This finely balanced formula gives us a cream that is light in texture and low in fat, that when put on will sink in and vanish, but will leave the skin feeling soft and conditioned.
Ideal for use any time when you don’t want your face feeling heavy with oils. 
Works well under make up, for morning use, or for a quick refresher throughout the day.
Wonderful on oily skin or on T-zones. Essential oils of lavender, rose and geranium will help balance the skin as well as give a light pretty fragrance.
Troubled, oily, or spotty skin needs careful cleaning and gentle moisturising. This cocoa butter free formula allows you to put back vital moisture, without overloading the skin or causing it to over-react.''
Moisturiser swatched
Literally the amount shown is all you need to cover your face. This has a light texture and absorbs very quickly into the skin leaving no residue behind, the moisturiser does include various oils in it's ingredients but this in no way makes you look greasy or shiny. It does have quite an odd scent, quite like play dough! This does disappear straight after application. Thanks to its light texture, this moisturises all the areas you need without overloading your regular oily places, if anything it helps to mattify these areas for a couple of extra hours.

The Ingredients
Honestly, it vanishes!
Another plus is that this moisturiser did not break me out! I didn't find that it prevented any blemishes from popping up but it does help to control excess oil and shine. As for the claims, the 'pretty scent' is ugh, debatable I mean it does smell like play dough after all! But it does gently moisturise oily, troubled skin as stated. May I add that because this moisturiser is full of natural ingredients, it has an expiry date! If you purchase the correct pot it should last you for a year and half, just check the bottom to check the date it was made and it's expiration! Perfect for those who cannot find the right moisturiser to control both their oilyness and dry patches with or without blemishes.

Price: 7/10
Amount of product: 8/10
Product Claims: 8/10 
Packaging: 7/10
Texture: 9/10 
Skin Type: Oily/Combination Skintypes
Repurchase: No