Monday, 8 September 2014

Are EOS Lip Balms Worth The Hype? | Chelsea Posts Beauty

I think I first saw a glimpse of an EOS lip balm in a Miley Cyrus music video years ago (when she was er, normal). Anyway, after that I remember seeing them everywhere online. Apparently even Kim Kardashian and other celebrities are a fan of EOS but there is just one problem. They are so difficult to find/buy in the UK! But I found a UK based site that stocks and sells them to UK residents (hallelujah) I have Strawberry Sorbet and Raspberry Pomegranate to review.

How cute are they?

Strawberry Sorbet (above)
Apologies about the state of this one. Long story short my dog ran off with this one thinking it was a tennis ball but luckily nothing inside was eaten! Just a few teeth marks but ignore those. This balm has a very strong typical artificial strawberry scent but personally I love strong scented lip products.

Raspberry Pomegranate (above)
For some reason the scent of this balm isn't very strong compared to the strawberry sorbet version. If you're not into overpowering scents and want to try EOS then this one might be one to go for as it's subtly fruity.

In terms of how it works is it really worth the hype? Meh. They aren't amazing but they aren't a complete fail either. In terms of hydrating it's very minimal. The texture is quite waxy and you can definitely feel some sort of 'film' on your lips after applying these but I find they are fab to apply before bed and this waxiness sort of sinks in. If you have severely cracked lips I can't see these balms doing any justice for you at all. I would recommend these for anyone who just gets lightly dry lips and prefers lip products that don't transfer any colour. If it wasn't for the super cute packaging I don't think I would of bothered purchasing as the formula isn't that great compared to other lip balms such as Palmers ones. They are quite expensive in the UK £4.99 each whereas in the US I believe they are around $4 which is more or less £2 in the UK - not fair!

They aren't worth the hype in my opinion but I'm glad I bought them to try them out. Plus they are super cute! I purchased them from Naturisimo they are sold for £4.99 each and you can get 10% off with first purchase.

What do you think of EOS Lip Balms?