Friday, 23 May 2014

CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Velvet Review | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

Hey everyone. Recently I've just finished my exams meaning lots of new posts will be popping up all over the place! So Chanel's latest offering was released a month ago I believe and for a good two weeks now I've been putting the new Perfection Lumiere Velvet to the test and here are my overall thoughts.
Perfection Lumiere Velvet is my first ever Chanel beauty purchase. To be honest I've never been really attracted to any of their products and have always stuck to the likes of NARS or MAC in terms of high end products. So what changed? Well I've got relatively oily skin and I can't seem to use any foundation without the dreaded patches of shine showing up on my face (Especially on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin). Some matte foundations I've tried just suck the life out of your skin, I mean I do want zero shine but I do want a bit of a glow at the same time. Hard to please? Just a little...

Basically the main selling point for me was the 'Velvet' aspect. After a whole lotta Googling around and watching a few YouTube videos I visited Debenhams and asked the lovely Chanel mua to shade match me as I had never tried Chanel foundations before. I've not been tanning (UK weather eh) nor been wearing fake tan so I am quite pale at the moment. I was matched to shade B10 which I believe is the lightest colour in the line and it is a pale shade with strong yellow undertones which reminded me of my MAC Studio fix fluid in NC15. I was debating between getting B10 and B20 as summer is approaching but I was too overwhelmed after she did my makeup that I made a prompt purchase of B10 so I could wear it straight away.

As for the packaging the foundation is housed in a plastic black squeeze tube which is dainty and light - perfect for summer travelling. No worries about leaking as it is sturdy and the twist cap remains shut once closed. You get 30ml / 1Oz of product which is basically the common amount you get with pretty much every foundation across drugstore and high end. The Chanel stamp on top of the lid makes me feel so posh haha!

Swatched, Blended
So what did I think? If you have any patches of dryness whether that is due to the fact you have dry skin in general or perhaps have a blemish (Scab) healing up this foundation will highlight that! However I do have other blemishes such as spots and scarring but the foundation covers them nicely. I would consider it as a light/medium buildable foundation but nothing more than that. Not for someone with acne as I think it would highlight your imperfections. But it did cover my redness very well and with a few touches of concealer on spots it was flawless! Do I agree with the velvet aspect? Yes I do, when on my face it looked matte with a glow if that makes sense. It does not suck the life out of your face but it does mattify the skin with a natural effect. Not to mention how soft and dare I say it velvety it made my skin feel and look. I don't really like to powder my skin so every time I've used it I've worn it solo and skipped any powdering.

As for wear time I'd say about 5 hours-ish before I start seeing oil and have to use blotting sheets. Not bad considering I am quite an oil slick. I'm a bit sceptical on whether it breaks me out. I have been using a new cleanser and have had the odd small bumps around my cheeks and chin so I am not sure as to what the culprit is but I'm sure its the foundation. However I can live with that if I do not wear the foundation on a prolonged daily basis, just wearing it now and again. Although I have read a few reviews complaining that it was due to the high Alcohol content of the foundation (Listed very early on in the ingredients) which is a known skin irritant so if you know you are sensitive to alcohol or perhaps unsure about whether this would break you out I would highly recommend testing instore or giving this a miss.

Final thoughts. Would I recommend this? Yes and no. It retails for £33 via Debenhams but I paid around £24.50 due to a 10% off promotion and I had some money off vouchers. But I don't think I would shell out the full RRP of £33 for this product. I think its due to the small issue of little break outs. It did live up to its velvet claim and left my skin naturally matte. It reminded me a bit of L'Oreal True Match foundation but better lasting power and more mattifying. I guess if you're someone with oily skin that doesn't mind splurging on high end foundations give it a try, but if you are a budgeter which is prone to breakouts I'd highly recommend trying this out before purchase as nothing is great about spending a lot of money on a product you can't use! I did like this foundation I would just appreciate a more reasonable price (or a return policy as good as the USA's!). As it was my first Chanel product is has left me lusting for more so I guess watch this space...

Thanks for reading x