Sunday, 25 May 2014

LUSH Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser Review | Chelsea Posts Beauty Review

I've used 4 other Lush cleansers before (Aqua Marina, Herbalism, Angels on Bare Skin and Ocean Salt) and I loved using them. They are packed full of natural ingredients and are quite interesting to use! Let The Good Times Roll is no exception. It is more of an ex-foliating cleanser compared to the likes of Aqua Marina and Herbalism but I would consider it one of the best exfoliants I have tried from Lush ever before.

Let me begin by telling you how amazing this cleanser smells! If you aren't in visiting distance of a Lush store to try it out for yourself just take it from me, this smells like the sweetest (but not sickly) combination of toffee and popcorn. In all honesty this is a better scent than snow fairy for me! If you aren't fond of scents then this perhaps isn't for you. However those who are sensitive breakouts may be relieved to know that I didn't suffer any break outs when using this cleanser despite the strong scent it has.

Basically you scoop around a pea sized amount of cleanser from the pot and you can add as little or as much water as you like to transform it into a thick paste-y consistency or a milky cleanser with ex foliating pieces. It feels like soft putty. Not a horrible sticky texture just sort of like play dough really! The tub states you can use this on your face and body, however I feel it isn't tough enough to use on the body as an exfoliator so I stick to just using it on my face.
As you can see above there is a lot of product left in the pot. I've had this since February whilst using this cleanser on and off around 3 times a week. Considering you only need a little pea size portion per use this really does last a long time. It may be a scrub but its actually very moisturising at the same time. It doesn't feel harsh like it is scraping off the top layer of your skin but you can feel it working. After I've used the scrub it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth but minus the dryness feel which I know some ex-foliating products can definitely cause. Due to this I think this product would be fab for those of you with dry skin that are looking for a face scrub as this does not leave you with that dreaded tight dry face feel. I wouldn't use this product as an every day cleanser though as for me personally if I use ex foliating products every day this can cause my skin to become excessively oily! Up to 3-4 times a week is enough.

Because it is a natural product the ex-foliating pieces can vary in size, for example sometimes when I scoop product out I have found large pieces of popcorn! This isn't a really big issue for me as I either crush them before I add water or just take them out completely. My only problem is what you will see in the below image - it gets stuck in long nails! Whenever I have long nails without a doubt this product gets stuck in them which perhaps may be an issue for those who are hygiene heavy! But this can be avoided though as you can use a spoon or small spatula to scoop it out instead. Plus the screw cap lid is tight enough to prevent anything getting out or any nasties coming in to your pot.
Mixed into a paste
Overall this is easily my favourite ex-foliating product from Lush. If you found Ocean Salt or Angels On Bare Skin to be a bit too harsh this is an excellent substitute. An all rounder for oily-dry skintypes in my opinion. It can be a bit messy but once used a few times with a small amount each time it is easily forgiven. It retails for £6.40 for 100g of product at Lush.

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