Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Best Nude MAC Lipsticks | Chelsea Posts Beauty Update

Basically this is an updated post on what I think are the best nude MAC lipsticks available in the permanent line. These shades are a combination of pink/peachy nudes. Most of which will suit a variety of skintones. Nothing like a lipstick that is a one shade suits all sorta colour! 

LOTS of pictures + swatches included
Creme Cup
Creme Cup is a pretty warm medium pink nude. Is the perfect light pink (almost nude) for pale complexions and serves as a gorgeous medium pink shade on darker complexions. Is quite moisturising thanks to its cremesheen formula. Reviewed previously in my pink MAC lipstick post.
Viva Glam II
Is my No#1 Nude ever! If you have really pigmented lips like me you will adore this shade. Will look gorgeous on darker skintones or those with darker lips as it leans a natural berry hue. On lighter skintones this may pull a dark reddish brown. Can be drying at times due to its satin finish so prep before use!
A light pink based nude. Requires a few coats on those with pigmented lips. Perfect nude for those with the palest of complexions that struggle to find a colour that doesn't wash them out. Leaves a pretty glossy sheen which prevents the 'dead looking' nude lip.
My favourite 'opaque' nude. This cancels out any colour in your lips leaving a peachy nude shade. Be warned this may wash out those of you with a medium complexion! This will suit those with a paler complexion who prefers a peachier nude. This lipstick is quite drying so prep your lips before use.

Creme D'Nude
The most moisturising peach nude. It is a cremesheen after all! Again, if you are someone with pigmented lips such as I this may require a couple of coats. A versatile shade perfect for everyone. If you've tried Myth and it washed you out (or if it was too drying for you) give Creme D'Nude a go. I'd consider it as Myths lighter, more moisturising sister!

Together, now!

Each lipstick swatched is from MAC and retails for £15. All of which are permanent. 

This is an updated version of one of my previous posts on Chelsea Posts Beauty. These views are my own thoughts and opinions of which MAC lipsticks I would consider the perfect nude colours and I am in no way associated with MAC. 

Thanks for reading! x