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7 Pink MAC Lipsticks Every Girl Should Have | Chelsea Posts Beauty


A girl can never have enough MAC lipsticks. Whether your a newbie looking for your first MAC lippie or hoarding more into your collection look no further than my favourite pink offerings in my collection. I've been asked a few times which pink lipsticks I would recommend so in this post I have featured a selection of pinks ranging from dark mauve pink to very pale baby pink. As well as a variety of shades I have also included a variety of formulations which MAC have to offer which also have an impact on the colour and feel each lipstick. I've featured pictures of the lipstick in the tube as well as swatches as I think some lipsticks look totally different compared to when they are swatched how they look in the tube, confusing huh

Creme cup is a warm medium pink colour with a subtle sheen. I took these images in natural daylight which explains why it perhaps comes off as a bit brown in the tube however within the swatch below you can appreciate the true medium warm pink shade it has to offer. Creme cup also has the cremesheen formula meaning it is more moisturising compared to other MAC formulas (e.g Satin or Matte) I've seen this shade work on a variety of skintones light to dark and would consider it a very versatile colour. Although if you already own MAC Angel I'd skip this as they are both very similar.
Pink Plaid is a medium berry coloured pink. It has the matte formula therefore isn't as moisturising (but this shade in particular isn't really drying considering it is a matte) nor does it have a noticeable sheen. Again this shade would work on most skintones. If you have very pigmented lips pink lips it works as a great my lips but better shade and it lasts quite long on the lips before touch ups are required.
Hue perhaps leans more nude than pink but compared to my other nude lipsticks (e.g Myth and Creme D'Nude) I find that hue leans very pink. This is a glaze formula which is quite similar to the cremesheen formula but for me the real difference between the both is the opacity of the lipstick. I find that I have to layer up hue to get a full opaque colour which may be due to the fact that the glaze formula lipsticks have more of a sheen and are more sheer. Due to this sheerness I have certainly worn down this lipstick the quickest out of all my MAC lipsticks!
Pink Nouveau is a bright fuchsia pink. This shade looks amazing on medium-darker skin tones. Its not for the faint hearted as it is genuinely a super bright shade as you will see from the swatch below. It has the satin formula which in all honesty can be hit and miss depending on which shade you have as they can be quite drying (Talking to you Myth!). In terms of wear this shade does last a long time but I would definitely recommend lining your lips pre application just in case it feathers or smudges - ain't a pretty look otherwise.
Lovelorn is a medium pink with a strong glossy sheen. It reminds me of a darker version of Creme Cup but glossier. It has a lustre finish which perhaps explains its glossiness. A very easy to wear shade that perfect for every day wear. Its one of those shades you could apply without a mirror in public (We've all been there!) as it is on the sheerer side and doesn't require precise application. A pretty shade that can work for everyone.
Twig is a deep deep berry pink with red/brown undertones. Personally I have quite red pigmented lips and this is my ideal my lips but better shade. On medium-deep skintones this shade will lean more pink whereas on paler skin this will look more vampy and lean more red. This lipstick is of satin formula and is again one of which that is on the more moisturising side. It is not glossy nor is it super matte. Once applied this shade lasts a very long time but yet again because it is a deep shade it will require lip liner underneath just in case it feathers or smudges.
Habby Hibiscus is an opaque uber cool baby pink shade. I would recommend this shade for those of a paler complexion as this can really wash out those with a medium colouring. On paler skin (e.g NC/NW15 and below) this is a beautiful shade. For those who are of a darker complexion that are fond Barbie iced pink lips I would probably reccommend MAC St Germain over this as it is slightly darker and warmer which would be more flattering. It is packaged differently as it is the sheen supreme formula. This formula is moisturising however I do find that it doesn't last as long on the lips compared to other MAC formulations. I also find it settles into the creases of my lips and will definitely highlight any dry patches you have never the less if you prep your lips well and line them up with a nude liner this lipstick is beautiful.
One swipe of lipstick per swatch in natural daylight

All MAC Lipsticks featured in this post are in the permanent line and are available to purchase from MAC for £15.

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